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Christian Lacroix


Since its creation in 1987, the style of the House of Christian Lacroix has been unique, exuberant, colorful, and baroque. The brand expresses its energy and love of color through its Art de Vivre collections, created by Sacha Walckhoff, Creative Director, hand in hand with the most prestigious manufacturers. Thanks to exceptionally experienced collaborators, the excellence of the House of Christian Lacroix comes to life. The Studio demonstrates its talent by creating varied and unexpected Art de Vivre collections.

For Lumas, the House of Christian Lacroix has selected drawings among its most iconic patterns. More than simple images, these pictures use techniques as varied and precise as engraving, collage, photography, and of course, drawing, making them pieces of art.


For this series of three Madones, Christian Lacroix Maison went back to the very origins of the House, drawing its inspiration from its Haute Couture archives. Decadently baroque and quintessentially Lacroix, the three slender silhouettes walk the runway like masterpieces coming alive.

"Nubienne" is wrapped into earthy shades of luxurious jacquard and delicate lace. Meanwhile "Byzantine", swathed in a sumptuous gold-embroidered taffeta, embodies the passion of Christian Lacroix for Spain and period costume. As "Atalante", floating into a delicate cloud of blue organza, dazzles the room with every move. Mixing together the techniques of photography, drawing, engraving and collage, the meticulousness of these pictures is a faithful reflection of the unique savoir-faire of the House of Christian Lacroix.


It’s history at Christian Lacroix Maison starts as one of the fabulous patterns of the "Incroyables & Merveilleuses" fabrics and wallpapers line. Inspired by the panache of fashion in the era surrounding the French Revolution, it highly pays tribute to one of the trendiest women of the time: Joséphine de Beauharnais. Her love of flowers - her rose-bank counted over 250 different species of her delicate favorite species -, is restituted through lovely bouquets, reminding the victorian tradition of die-cuts. Here, recolored pictures, engravings and collage are mixed together for your utmost delight. In this lush garden, worthy of the Hesperides, pollinators meticulously perform their art. That of the perpetual rebirth of nature.


Red coral and strange fishes, ancient roses and Flemish tulips, shimmering bugs and lustrous insects have been gathered into an ideal array of imagery. Depicting a cabinet of curiosities, these treasures unfold on a harlequin patterned backdrop, one of Christian Lacroix’s iconic pattern. This eclectic bestiary lets one imagine the personalities of the infinitely refined Lords and Ladies whose minds have dreamed these collections, where beauty comes so close to the bizarre. And which company allows us to indulge into a journey to the past, where the House of Christian Lacroix often goes back for inspiration.


Implacable, the rhythm of fashion follows the one of nature’s seasons. In this creative frenzy, the wheel of inspiration never stops. Ever revolving, it devours everything and fires any wood. Get a glance behind the curtain, backstage, where the magic all happens. Witness the eras all coming together to distill their creative magic, past and future all coming together. See the styles and the colors blend into the season’s highlight. Embroidered or printed, fabrics transform and evolve, shaping thread by thread the fashion of the House of Christian Lacroix.


On an azur sky, the softest of white clouds stream. They serve as background to the most vaporous mist of delicate flowers. Intertwined blooms of pansies, branches of eucalyptus and sprigs of linen nest the utmost unexpected aviary. Welling from between the leaves and petals, a melodious cacophony. A thousand birds perch in tune, the vibrant cobalt plumage of the hyacinth macaw answering the familiar red breast robin and the green parakeets from India – all to the fast-beating rhythm of the humming-birds’ wings.