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David Drebin

Informations de fond sur David Drebin


In his Dreamscapes series, David Drebin depicts more than mere urban landscapes; rather, he reveals the unmistakable depth characteristic of cities such as New York, Paris, and San Francisco. Sometimes, his cityscapes feel like epic narratives, and sometimes they emerge enigmatically from the fog, bringing with them great suspense. We are reminded of previous works by Drebin, in which he portrayed feminine beauty in a wide variety of ways: unapproachable, yearning, and often voyeuristically.

With his emotional visual vocabulary and dramatic color, the artist sparks our imaginations. What strangers’ lives are we looking in on? What is happening behind all of those lit windows? Who else is enjoying this same breathtaking view of the Eiffel tower?

Drebin also tells his visual stories through provocative neon installations that are highly sought-after on the international art market: brightly illuminated words about love and female sexuality, about the secret desires of the Femme fatale. From photography to sculpture, to 3D art, Drebin has an extremely varied oeuvre and a constantly evolving style.

Curriculum vitæ

David Drebin was born in Toronto, Canada in 1970 and studied at the Parsons School of Design in New York. His first solo exhibition in Berlin in 2005 made a name for him and his work overnight. The works can be seen in publications including National Geographic, Vanity Fair, and Rolling Stone. They have sold for high sums at prestigious auction houses. There are now many books presenting a comprehensive look at Drebin’s body of work, including The Morning After (2010), Beautiful Disasters (2012), Chasing Paradise (2015), and Dreamscapes (2016). He lives and works in New York.